About Copyfightr

Copyfightr is a Danish online service for bloggers and journalists built to find illegal copies of your copyright protected work.

We search billions of web pages and with our highly specialised language technologies from Ankiro developed through three decades we will find exact copies as well as plagiats.

Afterwards we will notify you about the potential illegal copies to keep your original work safe from copycats.

In addition, we monitor the entire internet every month and notify you by mail when Copyfightr finds any of your original work in places where it does not belong.

We offer our subscribers the possibility to claim financial compensation on a no cure, no pay basis. Read more about this opportunity for legal help.

The Copyfightr company is located in Denmark and founded by Mads Elkær, former tech-journalist at Computerworld.

If you have any questions, queries or comments do not hesitate to contact us:

CEO, Founder & Journalist Mads Elkær
Phone: +45 61 67 68 87
Mail: mads@copyfightr.com

CCO, Henrik Mee Løvgret
Phone: +45 24 34 71 41
Mail: henrik@copyfightr.com